Factorio как сесть в машину
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Factorio как сесть в машину

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Factorio как сесть в машину


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Note that WASD controls it from your point-of-view in the car. W isn’t "up" on the screen, but "forward" for the car

Also, one thing that really helped me was using the mouse-wheel to scroll out when driving. I kept hitting trees and destroying everything, but when I did that to scroll out, it made it a lot easier to see where I was going and avoid obstacles/monsters.

How to get into a Car in Factorio (Easy Guide)

How to get into a Car in Factorio (Easy Guide)

If you are a proud owner of a bustling factory in Factorio then it seems out of place to walk to the corners of your industry. In order to cart around your privileged keester, you should craft a car in Factorio. Not only will it allow you to move fast and cover longer distances with ease but there are other benefits that it can provide like fighting smaller enemies etc.

So the question is, once you have created a car how do you get into the car in Factoria?

To get into a car in Factoria you need to first craft it then press Enter near it to access it. You need to first put in fuel of some sort to power up the car otherwise it won’t run. Use the WASD keys to drive the car in any direction you want.

Car in Factorio

car factorio

The car is the first alternate mode of transportation available to the player, and it is one of three non-rail vehicles available in Factorio, along with the tank and the spidertron. Despite the need for fuel, driving a car is faster than running, allowing the player to scout out regions and outmaneuver attackers.

Cars have 450 HP allowing the player to use hit-and-run tactics against small groups of small biters. A vehicle machine gun that fires two tiles farther than the regular submachine gun.

Cars can collide with objects in the world. Both the car and the item with which it collided may sustain damage. The amount of damage is determined by the vehicle’s speed and the health of the target.

Little biters and trees can be safely slammed into, but colliding with large biters can easily destroy the vehicle and its contents. If the automobile is destroyed, its cargo is also destroyed, however, the player is evacuated rather than killed.


Crafting Items

Time = 2
Engine Unit = 8
Iron Plate = 20
Steel Plate = 5

Produced by

Assembling Machine 1Assembling Machine 1 Assembling Machine 2Assembling Machine 2 Assembling Machine 3 - Factorio CarAssembling Machine 3 Manual Crafting - Factorio CarManual Crafting

Required Technology

Automibilism - Factorio CarAutomobilism (Research)


The car has the following stats:

  • Storage Size: 80
  • Health: 450
  • Resistances:
    • Acid: 0/20%
    • Fire: 0/50%
    • Impact: 50/30%
    • Firearm Magazine
    • Piercing Round Magazine
    • Uranium Round Magazine

    Car Controls

    The car will brake if you accelerate in the opposite direction of its momentum. After braking, held acceleration controls have no effect. The greater the speed of the vehicle, the greater the distance required to brake.

    Action Non-vehicle control Default binding
    Enter/exit the vehicle Enter/Leave the vehicle Return (AKA Enter, carriage return, etc)
    Accelerate forward Move up W key
    Accelerate backward Move down S key
    Steer right Move right D key
    Steer left Move left A key


    The more powerful the fuel used to power the car, the quicker it accelerates: solid fuel provides 20% acceleration, rocket fuel adds 80% acceleration, and nuclear fuel adds 150% acceleration.

    The stone path will reduce rolling resistance on cars, with concrete and refined concrete equally reducing resistance even further.

    The top speed of the car (measured in km/h) with various fuels on different tiles is listed in the table below:

    Tile/Surface Type Wood Coal Solid fuel Rocket fuel Nuclear fuel
    Sand 87.6 87.6 96.0 117.5 138.5
    Grass 92.9 92.9 101.8 124.7 146.9
    Red Desert 92.9 92.9 101.8 124.7 146.9
    Dirt 99.4 99.4 108.9 133.3 157.1
    Stone path 112.2 112.2 122.9 150.5 177.4
    Shallow water 117.7 117.7 128.9 157.9 186.0
    Concrete 131.6 131.6 144.1 176.5 208.1
    Refined concrete 131.6 131.6 144.1 176.5 208.1

    You can change the control bindings in the settings but the default way on entering a car in Factorio is by pressing Enter. A car is a very versatile tool to get around and even run over smaller enemies. However, be very careful when driving near your buildings as in case of an accident you might end up not only destroying the car but also the building too.

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